How to Upload Your Music to iTunes for Free

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PUBLISHED ON: 09/09/2022


How to Upload Your Music to iTunes for Free

Why choose iTunes for music distribution?

Music distribution is one of the core stages in the musical career of an artist. Music distribution makes your recorded songs available to listeners around the globe. Not only your songs will get recognition but you will earn royalties and monetize through your songs when a listener streams your music.

There are many streaming platforms in the row. But which platform to choose? Which one provides the fastest response? Is there any platform that offers music distribution free of cost? Today, we will help you choose the best music streaming platform that is worth to

Why choose iTunes for music distribution?

Beyond question, iTunes is the best musical app for an artist. With millions of songs sold worldwide, iTunes is the biggest digital music distributor. Artists claim that the amount they receive from all streaming platforms is merely a small proportion, but Apple Music pays much more per stream than other streaming platforms Spotify and YouTube. iTunes pay $0.01 per stream, Amazon pays $0.004 per stream, Spotify pays $0.0033, and YouTube Music pays $0.008 per stream.

Why iTunes is better than Spotify and Amazon Music?

iTunes outshines Spotify when it comes to the sound quality of the audio. iTunes has advanced added features like Dolby Atmos spatial audio. AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) allows lossless audio format as compared to traditional AC3 which makes iTunes give the same effect as studio recording.

Now if we compare iTunes to Amazon Music, artists can act as a curator and customize their songs in the playlists on iTunes which makes music distribution customizable for artists.

How can I make FREE uploads on iTunes?

Are you wondering if iTunes is free? Yes, iTunes allows music distribution free of cost. You simply need to sign up to get your music distribution done.

Should I sign up with a distributor or join Apple directly?

If you are eligible and complete all criteria, you can register with Apple Music to sell your music directly. However, there are a number of reasons why you may need a music distribution company- PMD Digital. It may be hard for you to meet all the necessary requirements to sell your music to iTunes directly. Secondly, it may take a long time, maybe months for the approval of your application. A music distributor company would easily fulfill all the necessary requirements for you. It would just take a couple of days for the approval of an artist.

How do I sign up for iTunes music for free?

If you want to make free uploads on iTunes, you need to sign up as an artist.

The sign-up method on iTunes is quite simple and easy.

Step 1: Go to iTunes connect online application

Step 2: Select Music in the content bar

Step 3: Choose if you have a company or not

Step 4: Check mark that you fulfill all the requirements like

  • A Mac with required specs
  • ISRC, UPC, and other codes for your tracks
  • U.S. Tax ID etc.

Step 5: Give your Mac ID

Step 6: Verify the link sent to your email

Step 7: Provide information like your territory, postal code, phone number, US Tax ID, and other banking information.

Your account is ready to go!

Which is the best distributor for music on iTunes?

Getting music on iTunes is the aim of every artist. But it is not easy to fulfill the requirements given by iTunes, especially for a beginner artist. Getting a Mac, for instance, and making ISRC and UPC codes is not a handy task. This is where you need a music distributor company so that you can have music distribution free of stress.

Once you have decided that you need a distributor, Which distributor? There are a number of distributors in the market but PMD Digital provides exceptional distribution services. Here’s how!

  • We provide free uploads on iTunes
  • No hidden charges and no upfront fee from our side
  • We make free ISRC and UCP codes which are necessary for the digital distribution of your music
  • We work globally. Wherever you belong and whatever language your music is in, we will distribute it
  • You will keep 100% of your royalties

Simply click on, and type your Name, Email, Contact number, and subject. We will respond to you in no time and help make your musical career expand.



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