Digital Music

PMD Digital is a U.K based music distribution service. Having deals with 100+ Global Digital Stores incl. iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, JioSaavn, and more!



PMD Digital offers top class digital music distribution

PMD offers best music distribution services all in all under one roof. Let’s make your music globally viral by reaching the ears of immense audience that connects to social media platforms like Apple, Spotify, and channels including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

Music promotion is not a one-person game. It’s a web of people who work hand in hand. Hence each personnel involved should be fed according to his services. We offer fastest and most reliable revenue share so that you feel content and satisfied to distribute your own royalties.

Phone Support
100+ DSPs
Monthly Payments

We provide a variety of advanced
features for free

We never mislead our customers. In fact we deliver
services in an unmatchanle way.

Free ISRC & UPC Codes

We provide free of cost ISRC and UPC codes which are essential for the release of your new song or album. ISRC and UPC are identifiers for song or album sales.

Monthly Detailed Sales Report

We proffer you to keep track of your music progress by analyzing monthly sales report prepared by PMD analytics which is completely free of charge.

100+ Global Digital Stores

PMD is partner with 100+ online stores worldwide. It means your music has an easy access to widely used famous stores like Apple, Spotify, Amazon, and more.

Daily Sales Estimates

You can easily monitor your daily sales estimates to have a keen look on your sales track which ensures a detailed record of your music sales.

Release Language

Language is never a barrier in music. We stream your song in any language to the music lovers spread all around the globe.

Fastest Distribution

We guarantee fastest music distribution services all the way round so you no longer wait for your music promotion for weeks and weeks.

Unlimited Releases

Get unlimited releases of your song or album in no time. PMD offers you to avail this opportunity to boost your releases to another level.

Phone Support

Unlike many other music distribution companies, PMD provides phone support facility to keep you in touch anywhere and anytime.

Non-Exclusive Distribution

We never lock you with us, you can use our service as-long-as you want
or leave whenever you like!