Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  1. Log in to your Spotify account on the Spotify Web Player or the Spotify app.
  2. The link you copied will look something like this: `{user_id}`. Your Spotify User ID is the portion after `/user/`.

For example, if your profile link is ``, then your Spotify User ID is `abc123`.

Please note:You have to write the spotify id is like spotify:aritist:"{user_id}"

However, you can find the Apple Music Artist ID manually by following these steps:
  1. Open the Apple Music app on your iOS device or iTunes on your computer.
  2. Use the search function to search for the artist's name.
  3. The URL of the artist page will contain the Apple Music Artist ID as a part of the URL. It will be a long alphanumeric string usually located after the "/artist/" portion of the URL.

For example, the URL for an artist's page might look like this:{artist_id}. The {artist_id} in the URL represents the Apple Music Artist ID.

Please note:You have to write the apple id is like "{artist_id}"

Digital music distribution is the modern pathway to worldwide listenership. It delivers music from artists, bands, or record labels to digital stores and streaming platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify. It replaces traditional physical distribution, providing artists a straightforward means to connect with global audiences.

PMD Digital stands out among the platforms offering free music distribution. Our extensive reach and unique features enable artists to connect with audiences worldwide at no cost. Our commitment to helping musicians make strategic strides in their careers and our user-friendly interface make us an excellent choice for aspiring and established artists. With PMD Digital, you're not just distributing your music—you're becoming part of a global musical community.

Physical music distribution relies on tangible formats like CDs and vinyl, delivered via retail outlets offering a collectable appeal. Digital music distribution, however, utilizes online platforms for instant worldwide access, is more cost- effective, and provides valuable data analytics. This digital shift democratizes distribution and innovates revenue models but also brings challenges like online piracy. In this ever-evolving music landscape, artists and the industry must adapt and navigate these differences while catering to shifting consumer preferences

To be eligible for a YouTube official artist channel, you must be a musical artist or part of a music group with a pre-existing YouTube channel that boasts a substantial follower count. Furthermore, your music should already be distributed via a YouTube Music Partner, a music distributor or a record label. Your eligibility unlocks numerous benefits, helping your music reach a broader audience and providing tools to engage more effectively with your fanbase

The Official Artist Badge is a coveted verification symbol on YouTube. Displayed next to your channel name, it authenticates your channel as the official representation of an artist or band. This badge not only bolsters your credibility but also brings in perks like increased discoverability, a sleek channel layout, and features for fan engagement. In the digital music sphere, this is your badge of honour, and it's instrumental in strengthening your presence and engagement on YouTube

Surprisingly, there's no hard and fast rule about a minimum number of subscribers or views to obtain the Official Artist Badge. The emphasis is more on the authentic representation of an artist or band. Nevertheless, a robust subscriber count and high viewership can amplify your application, making it more prominent to the YouTube team

The timeline for acquiring the Official Artist Badge can vary. Generally, the approval process may extend to several weeks, influenced by YouTube's influx of applications. After you've hit 'submit' on your application, stay updated on its progress through your YouTube account. So, while the wait might require a dose of patience, the rewards of this official recognition are undoubtedly worth it!

Absolutely! PMD Digital provides comprehensive analytics and reporting for your music's performance. It also includes data on earnings by each music service and by country, giving you a complete picture of your music's popularity. Utilize this tool to track your progress and make informed decisions for your next steps in the music industry

On PMD Digital, your artist dashboard is the key to monitoring your music's performance. It provides a detailed breakdown of royalties and streaming data, giving you a clear picture of your music's reach and earnings. The best part? This information is accessible whenever your royalties are available for withdrawal

To qualify for an Official Artist Channel on YouTube, you must manage a single artist's or band's channel with at least one official music release distributed through a recognized distributor or label. Your channel must adhere to YouTube's policies. Also, you'll need to work with a YouTube Partner Manager, be part of YouTube's Partner Program, or have an established relationship with a label network that works with YouTube. Remember, the channel must contain active content, ideally under an artist name that matches the channel name. While the approval process may take some time, it's worth the wait!

In the music world, a Primary Artist takes centre stage, often leading vocals and creative direction, and is prominently highlighted in promotional materials. On the other hand, a Featured Artist is a collaborator, contributing distinct elements or vocals but acknowledged separately. This distinction helps to clearly outline creative contributions in a song or album, ensuring every artist gets their rightful recognition in the diverse world of musical collaborations.

Certainly! You can contact our customer support [email protected] to change a release after submission. They will assist you in the process and provide guidance on the necessary steps to update or modify your release.

At PMD Digital, we handle royalty payments three months after you've registered your music with us. For instance, if you share your music details in January, you can expect your royalties by April 21st. You can see the detailed chart below.

January 21April
February 21May
March 21June
April 21July
May 21August
June 21September
July 21October
August 21November
September 21December
October 21January
November 21February
December 21March

To get your royalties, request the payout in our dashboard, and you'll receive it within 7 business days.

  1. Contact our customer support at [email protected]
  2. Share the track title, artist name, YouTube channel link, and track UPC and ISRC codes.
  3. You have to provide us with at least three tracks available.
  4. You also have to provide your YouTube top channel link.
  5. YouTube reviews the provided details and tracks.
  6. Stay in touch with us and comply with any additional requests.
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