How to Sell Music Online

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PUBLISHED ON: 22/03/2022


How to Sell Music Online

 It can be tough at times and you might find yourself getting bogged down in negative thoughts about your lack-of success or data, which will make things even more difficult for yourself mentally than they already were before!

One way to avoid this problem would just involve practicing more often so that we don’t let our hard work go wasted; another thing people do when feeling depressed because there’s no progress made yet? They play music loud as if wanting society to hear what they’re capable of (which also gives them strength).

Creating a sustainable music career is not impossible for musicians. Successful artists can make it big in the industry and enjoy national recognition without being signed by an established label, but that doesn’t mean success isn’t within your grasp if you’re willing to work hard enough.

You may be frustrated by the lack of interest you receive when pursuing your dreams in music. You’re likely to face rejection and feel like giving up, but it doesn’t need to be so difficult if we take a step back for just a minute. When was the last time that someone said “yes?” As soon as they do then all these other thoughts will come into play – the anxiety begins with worry over what could go wrong next. The most common thoughts that occupy us are:

  • Why aren’t my posts getting traction?
  • Why are there so few streams and downloads of my song?
  • Am I good enough to make it into this industry?

What would you say if we told you that even those artists at the very top have had to face similar rejections and struggles throughout their careers? Managing the negative experience is part of the growth that every artist takes on their journey.

Music Industry is Challenging

There is no greater feeling than creating music that you believe in. The ups and downs of our lives are magnified when we create something personal, which can make it difficult at times to maintain consistent motivation for both work life as well personal projects or goals. There’s always this yearning for what could be if only things went differently.

Due to the high level of competition, this industry is quite challenging. A study carried out at the University of Westminster, showed that the musicians suffered mentally due to their careers; more than 70% suffered from anxiety-induced panic attacks while nearly 70% suffered from depression.

Challenges Within the Industry

Fierce Competition

The music industry is tough. There are over seventy million songs on Spotify and that’s just one platform. The numbers can be intimidating for aspiring musicians, but if you keep going then success will come eventually.

One of the biggest mistakes that artists make is comparing themselves to other bigger stars. They think if they just hype hard enough, then success will come knocking on their door. They forget that it is important to grind and stick to the fundamentals irrespective of the kind of talent you have. You cannot become a star overnight and the sooner you accept it, the better.

Why should you be comparing your success to that of other artists? You don’t know their journey or how long they waited for it. Comparisons like this can lead only to frustration and bitterness because we are all unique individuals with our set differences which make us beautiful and diverse in this field.

Music is a Diverse Field

You are a musician, but you have so much more responsibility than just making music. You manage social media accounts and play gigs while creating music.

The life of an artist is not always easy. The hours can be long and tedious, with the constant travel needed for work that often takes you away from your loved ones or home environment which could lead to burnout if precautions aren’t taken to maintain both quality performance but also sanity during this process.

A lot goes into being a professional musician: practice six days per week at minimum wage prices; book venues months ahead while hoping someone will hire you. Then there are all those pesky details like gear maintenance.

Benefits of a Positive Mindset

The music industry is a tough one to succeed in, but many artists have succeeded by following these three steps. First off, you must develop your skills and talents; secondly, be able to handle rejection without giving up on yourself or other opportunities that may come along the way, and lastly keep those spirits high even if things don’t work out at first.

Persevering through challenges is key to achieving your goals. The next big opportunity maybe just on the other side of what’s holding you back, so stay positive and keep moving! Remember that every failure was an important step in achieving those milestones and there are many more.

How to Maintain Positivity?

Keeping a balanced and healthy lifestyle is key to optimal mental health. This includes eating healthy, sleeping enough hours each night to function properly as well as hitting the gym regularly. The right kind of exercise will keep you energized while also helping prevent stress.

You are on a journey and progress takes time. Building something permanent takes effort; embrace it. Use your analytics so that they can guide what strategy needs to be developed next, instead of constantly comparing yourself with other people’s failures or successes as if those benchmarks were possible for someone else.

It’s important to talk about any difficulties you are having with your mental health. You should speak openly and honestly whether it be a family member, friend, or professional counselor that can provide support for this type of situation.

Closing Thoughts

Musicians who suffer from mental illness are often left to fend for themselves, but it doesn’t need to have to be that way. There is help available and you deserve your space of comfort in this world where negativity abounds. The best thing anyone person can do when they see someone struggling with negative thoughts or feelings is to understand that there is help out there. All you have to do is to reach out.

The journey to success starts with a single step. You can take as long or short of time desired but the first thing you should do is to start by thinking positively and building your resilience so that when setbacks hit you, instead of assuming failure you are ready to fight back.


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