Feeling Unmotivated? Tips to Overcome Creativity Block

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PUBLISHED ON: 13/06/2022


Tips to Overcome Creativity Block

Creative block is the bane of every creative person. It affects writers, musicians, and even artists to some degree- all relying on their ability to harness creativity to achieve marvelous feats that speak directly with those around them. The pain caused by writer’s block can oftentimes be relieved through perseverance.

The creative process is hard and it's easy to get discouraged. Even the most talented people face blocks when they're trying new things, like writing or music-making for example; but you know what? This struggle will pass!

Some ways can help us through those rough patches in our careers as artists: set small achievable goals every day (even just five minutes), take care of yourself by eating healthy food, and adopt other healthy activities.

When the pandemic hit, it seemed to take over everything. From our passion and projects down to just living life in general, there are many ways that this disaster has impacted us personally. We're not sure when things will return to normalcy but until then don't give up hope! There may be some creative problems due to lack of money or other aspects like social issues.

We all know how it feels when our block begins to seem like a tunnel. But don't worry, because the light at the end of this dimly-lit road is just around that corner. We've put together some tips for getting out of your current situation and onto one with more opportunities.

Writer’s Block: What is it?

Creative individuals often experience writer’s block when they are creative. It blocks their ability to think and produce work, establishing a sense of being stuck in a place that is unable or cripples them to move forward into new territory.

The feeling of writer's block can be an anxious and daunting one, but it doesn't have to stop you in your tracks. The problem is much deeper than just not being able to write anything - this deep-seated anxiety affects every aspect of how we view ourselves as creative individuals; whether its art or design work (or anything else), there will often come days where everything feels overwhelming because our minds start questioning even those things which should feel beyond question!

Have you ever experienced a creative block in your career? It sucks, but it's completely unavoidable. You'll end up throwing everything out of rhythm and feeling like giving up on your craft.

How to Overcome it?

Many artists experience dry spells throughout their career, so don't worry too much about this happening to yourself as well - take advantage of these periods when they're occurring by listening in on what's going around us all day long through social media and other sources like books, etc., then use those moments wisely. This can be a good thing. It might mean you need some time off or it may give new inspiration for your work.

Creativity is a complicated topic that CANNOT be oversimplified. If you ask how to deal with it, people will tell you ‘Go take a stroll in the park’ or 'smoke pot’. But if these don’t sit well with you then we've got tips. Some of these work well together but each one needs individual attention because everyone's response varies from person to person doing different things depending on their current state of mind.

Take Some Time Off

A lot of people are under the impression that they cannot stop working because it will conflict with their productivity. However, as a musician, you might be working for hours every day and not taking any breaks which can cause problems if you aren't careful enough when scheduling tasks.

Some of these tasks can be:

  • Playing concerts
  • Developing your marketing strategy
  • Interacting with fans online or in-person
  • Songwriting
  • Recording
  • Designing merch
  • Juggling jobs

To be an indie artist is to sacrifice many aspects of your life and often invest time and finances before you’ll see yourself making a profit. This will undoubtedly let your energy, creative spark, or productivity - so much that it may feel impossible at times.

Taking a break is important. You can distract yourself or you could go outside and visit your friends, stay in bed all day if that’s what feels good for now. We know how easy it sometimes seems to just give up but remember: this will only make matters worse when you return – so take some time off instead of continuing with forced creativity.

When you take a break from your work, it is common for new ideas and perspectives to come up. You might be surprised how much creativity flows in such a short time.

Are you a Perfectionist?

Some people think they need to work through every detail when starting a project. But, as long you have rough drafts or ideas for what should go into your final product then this process will be much easier and faster than trying not to fall flat on your faces by getting caught up in perfectionism.

Deadlines are a great way to keep yourself accountable and focused on the task at hand. They can also provide some extra motivation when you need it most. For deadlines to work effectively, remember that every project has its unique style - make sure yours fits with what's expected from an artist/writer. And don’t get stuck trying too hard. Just go through each stage until completion. 

When you're ready, give your new product a rigorous analysis and make any necessary tweaks. You can even take this time to reflect on how much better life will be once it's complete!

Start Working!

What if we told you that the hardest part of a new project is just getting started? Sometimes, it can seem like there are no greater counsels than “just start already!” or at least take a leap of faith and see where things go. The truth may be more simple - do what feels comfortable but also permits yourself to make mistakes along your journey.

One thing is for certain though. Your creative block is not going to disappear unless you do something about it. The strategies mentioned in this article are a great way for an artist to break from the shell of discomfort and rekindle the flame of creativity.


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