Strategies to Promote Music on YouTube in 2022

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PUBLISHED ON: 10/06/2022


Strategies to Promote Music on YouTube in 2022

The video-sharing website YouTube has grown to be one of the most popular social media sites in 2021 with over 2 billion users. It is owned by Google, which also makes it number two on internet statistics lists behind only Facebook!

YouTube is a great way to promote your music and connect with fans. YouTube for Artists provides you the opportunity of analytics, customizable profile options – all in one platform. As an artist who wants their work heard by as many people as possible this site will help boost sales because it allows bands/musicians easy access to promoting themselves through videos on their where they can easily create playlists tailored towards certain audiences.

That way, anyone interested gets just what he/she needs at any given moment without having too much trouble finding good tunes. Since you’ve come to this guide, we know you’re smart enough to do your research.

What’s the Deal About YouTube Videos?

Video and graphics are becoming more important in today's music industry because they can establish a quicker connection between songs, as well as the payout for every time someone watches your videos.

PMD Digital can get your videos on Vevo putting you in an even better position for views and engagement. It's also a great way to boost royalty earnings when people watch the video! Here are some surefire ways that I use with my clients:

Optimize Your Channel Profile

First impressions are where you make or break your channel. It is important to take out the time and set up your YouTube profile where it looks decent and professional to the user.

Better yet would be to apply for an official YouTube artist channel. Other than that, we’ve created a list for you to tick off the basics.

  • A catchy banner for your channel
  • An engaging logo or photo
  • Well-compiled content (all the related video sorted into various playlists)
  • In the “About” section, provide links to your social media handles and webpage
  • Catchy thumbnails for your videos (ideally created on a photo editing software such as photoshop)

Being mindful of aesthetics can be the decider between viewers choosing to stay or leaving without paying much attention.

Power of Social Media

YouTube is a great way to generate an audience, but don't forget about your social media strategy! Use communities and groups on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for interaction with different people.

You can always add more value to a group by creating music videos that are relevant and engaging. Think about the types of people in this community. Are they interested in the genre of music you’re producing? If you have an idea for something awesome then go ahead!

Create it anyway because no one knows how much good stuff gets rejected just because someone didn't try their hardest enough or had too many other responsibilities piled onto them beforehand. Also, creating an eye-catching thumbnail is what might lead the general audience to at least look at the video.

Whether you're looking to create a music video for your latest single or an album, we can help. We'll pre-production and production stage the project so that all of our hard work comes together in one beautifully edited piece when completed!

Get in Contact With Similar Artists on YouTube

To be successful in the music industry, it's important to not only promote yourself but also engage with other similar channels. You can't monopolize on your brand all day every single time and expect success! Partnering up with another channel that has a larger audience than you do could help both of those brands grow exponentially faster together which will give them more followers overall.

For instance, if your music is related to Pink Floyd, you can search for similar artists via YouTube algorithm or search for progressive rock in general.

Afterward, you can even engage with those channels by making clever and witty comments that would earn you likes and make people click on your profile. You might have the possibility of even getting your comment pinned to the top by the artist.

Create and Uploading Pattern

It is beneficial to get the video hyped up if you schedule and premiere your videos. This way audience is expecting when a video will get released and the video will instantly start getting views.

Another thing is to keep uploading regular content. It is better to post 4 videos a week rather than planning to post 3 and ending up uploading only one.

Another tip is always to post during peak times whether during the day or the week. It is dependent on your target audience and varies from region to region.

Create Content That Engages the Audience

If you want your YouTube channel to be more than just an archive of songs, then it needs content that will add value and help connect with fans. Brainstorm some ideas ahead of time on how best to organize the video uploads for this type of style so they're easily accessible when needed. Some of the ideas are:

  • Question/Answer sessions
  • Live video streams
  • Teasers and BTS
  • Live recording sessions

Some clever artists are able to produce at least 2 to 3 videos off of a single song they make. Think smart, act smarter.

Know Your Audience

You can’t just start building your audience once you have a few thousand subscribers. That's because it takes time for people to hear about, and appreciate what exactly is going on in the world of music right now- especially if they're not avid listeners or fans! So how do we get our content out there?

By finding communities where this kind of thing does happen; whether online (like social media platforms) or offline-- Firm up those connections first before putting all of your eggs in one basket.

You may be wondering how you can get your music to more people. Well, one way is by making a cover video of somebody else's song and then submitting it into the contest they're hosting.

It worked for artists in the past who have already built up an audience base from tapping into popular genres or styles that are out there.

YouTube Sponsored Ads

All the previous methods have been organic in promoting your content without having to spend any bucks. However, you can never underestimate the power of paid YouTube ads. This is because YouTube’s algorithm is really strong and helps you target exactly the audience you want to be targeted.

When you want to get started with Google Ads, you must test the waters and see what kind of return on investment (ROI) comes from this platform. Once you know how effective these ads are for promoting your music-based content then they can help you increase visibility even more.

We need a basic strategy before investing too much time or money into them since every campaign has different needs depending upon where it is being displayed as well as whether there are any other restrictions like regionally restricted language use. So keep experimenting by running various formats until something sticks--it may take some trial and error but you’ll get there.


YouTube is an extremely powerful tool to garner audience and fame. There are many methods that various artists use. The trick is to learn from them and understand what best suits you.

Just make sure to be persistent and keep experimenting when you feel that your channel is stagnant. However, the biggest tip is to make engaging content that the audience and subscribers dig.


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