10 Game-Changing Inclusions for Your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) to Stand Out

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PUBLISHED ON: 03/01/2024

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Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is like a magic key in the music world. It helps unlock chances to get featured in the news and book events. Imagine it as a fancy digital business card, resume, and social media profile. In the tricky music business, having a professional and well-put-together EPK can set you apart and catch the eye of the right folks.

Today, we're giving you 10 game-changing tips to jazz up your EPK with cool extras.

Present a Captivating Bio

When discussing bio in your EPK, it's all about storytelling. And this is your opportunity to provide a glimpse into who you are as an artist. Start by identifying your musical genre and your current and past projects. Discuss the journey of how you've reached and where you are now. But remember, once added to your EPK, this text becomes the main narrative about you, so ensure it's finely tuned. Besides a concise elevator pitch, incorporate a short, medium, and long bio.

Include High-Quality Images

Visual appeal plays a crucial role in an EPK's effectiveness. High-quality images serve as eye candy, tell your story, convey your style, and set expectations. A well-chosen image can immediately inform viewers of your music genre, personal style, and personality. So, invest in professionally taken photos representing your style, the environments you thrive in, and your unique demeanor. The chosen images should resonate with your music and the image you want to portray to your audience.

And remember, quality matters immensely! Low-resolution images can instantly degrade the overall impression of your EPK, making it look amateur regardless of the quality of the content. Aim for images that are high resolution, ideally over one megabyte, to ensure they appear crisp and clear on any device. A stunning EPK filled with rich, high-resolution images can help create a memorable impression, making you unforgettable.

Showcase Your Best Music Video

Your EPK should highlight your best work. It's your chance to show off your talent, creativity, and hard work. Therefore, include your most engaging, polished, and crowd-pleasing video. The video should represent your current style, musical direction, and craftsmanship. Instead of overwhelming the viewer with a long list of your discography, choose a few standout pieces and link them directly for easy access.

Another powerful tool for showcasing your work is through music videos. A well-produced music video highlights your musical prowess and gives insight into your performance style, energy, and personality.

So, pick an interesting shot from one of your music videos, screenshot it, and hyperlink it in your EPK. Remember, a video fully representing you as an artist can powerfully engage the viewer.

Include Press and Media Coverage

The most essential way to add credibility to your EPK is to include any press or media coverage you've received. Whether you've been featured on a prominent music blog, interviewed on a podcast, or played on national radio, showcasing these instances in your EPK proves your recognition in the industry. Not only does this put you in a favorable light, but it also shows that your music generates buzz, which is attractive to potential bookers and music executives.


Including powerful quotes in your EPK is another avenue to establish credibility and give the reader a sense of your acclaim in the industry. Whether it's a glowing review from a prominent music blogger or an endorsement from a respected figure in your genre, these quotes can serve as a testament to your talent and appeal. Choose quotes most representative of who you are as an artist currently. If you've transitioned between genres or styles over the years, ensure the quotes you include align with your present musical direction.

A well-placed, relevant quote can speak volumes about your music and help captivate the viewer's attention.

Life Portfolio

Creating a life portfolio for your EPK involves sharing your significant accomplishments as an artist. It's all about putting your best foot forward. Highlight festivals you've participated in, renowned artists you've supported, and shows you've managed to sell out. It's an opportunity to underline your growth and achievement in the industry. Compile a list of venues you've performed at and artists you've opened for or collaborated with.

Actually, your life portfolio is a testament to your journey and the milestones you've reached. It paints a vivid picture of your performance history, reflecting your success and reliability as a professional artist. However, ensure that the information is factual and verifiable. Remember, your life portfolio should clearly state your capability and potential as an artist.

Link to your Social Media

Your social media platforms are a direct line of communication with your fans and potential bookers, so it's crucial to link them in EPK. The best way to do this is to include the logo of each social media platform you actively use and then hyperlink each logo to your respective account. Arrange these links in order of your social media success; if the majority of your following is on Instagram, ensure that this is the first account linked. Make sure to link only active accounts.

Your social media presence offers a real-time glimpse into your artistry and public engagement, making it a crucial aspect of your EPK. Ensure that it accurately reflects your current activities and musical persona.

Link to Stream

An easy-to-find link to your music streaming platform is paramount for a well-rounded EPK. Your music is, after all, the centerpiece of your brand. You can cleverly integrate this by adding your album or track artwork into your EPK and hyperlinking it directly to your music on popular streaming platforms. This way, if someone gets intrigued by your EPK and wants to explore your sound, they can do so with just a click. As a tip, choose a song that personifies your artistry and is one of your most successful.

By embedding a stream link, you're providing an instant, seamless listening experience right from your EPK, thereby increasing the chances of your music getting heard and appreciated. Accessibility is critical; a direct link to your music stream ensures that.

Fanbase Figures

Your fanbase figures are a potent testament to your popularity and reach. A high number of streams on Spotify, substantial followers on Instagram, or impressive views on your music videos can instantly make you stand out. If you've got these attractive numbers, showcase them in your EPK. Upon seeing figures such as a million Spotify streams or hundreds of thousands of YouTube views, viewers immediately perceive you as a successful artist with a solid fan base. These numbers validate your talent and resonate with your potential, making viewers more likely to explore your EPK further.

However, updating these figures to reflect your current standing is essential. It's not just about having big numbers; it's about showing continued growth and engagement with your audience. Remember, your fanbase figures can powerfully convey the success story of your music journey.

Provide Easy Contact Information

The final crucial step in crafting an effective EPK is providing easy-to-find contact information. While your email will likely be known to those you're reaching out to, it's still essential to include additional contact details. Include the email addresses of your manager, publicist, and record label to ensure any interested parties have a direct line to the right team member. This makes it easier for potential bookers, media, and other industry professionals to reach out to you, streamlining the process and showing that you're organized and professional.

Keep this information updated and accurate; a missed opportunity due to incorrect contact information can be a costly mistake.

Remember, clear and accessible communication channels can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your EPK, enabling you to harness potential opportunities effectively.


Creating an Electronic Press Kit is like making a unique resume. We hope this guide makes your EPK stand out. It discusses telling your story in a bio, using great pictures, and sharing your best music video. It also says how to add press mentions, quotes, and your achievements. Connecting social media and music links and showing your fan numbers is essential. Lastly, it mentions keeping contact info clear.

Moreover, if you want any further assistance, you can contact us. We are providing digital music distribution and music management services worldwide.

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