A Guide for Musicians to Exploit Pinterest

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PUBLISHED ON: 15/06/2022


A Guide for Musicians to Exploit Pinterest

Have you always loved the idea of showcasing your art and music but didn't know how? Pinterest is here to help! As an interactive platform, this visual site gives musicians all they need to produce great content for fans. In this article, we'll show what exactly makes it so powerful as well as give tips on using these features effectively from creating boards about yourself or selling merch at live shows through marketplaces. It's just easier than ever before when promoting yourself via traditional methods in the past.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is a digital platform where users create "Pins" - posts that look like images or videos- for other people to save on one of their boards. These pins link back exactly where they were originally uploaded online which means you can easily connect your fans with all sorts of services such as your official website, store, etc.

Although the platform may not be as popular or influential in comparison to other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, Pinterest actually has nearly 450 million monthly active users which outnumber platforms such as Twitter. The network's audience also includes a high number who use them alongside other major networking services with almost 83% using either Instagram or Facebook. This stat is indicative of the fact that an average social media user who utilizes both these platforms is more likely to connect with you.

Music is known to be therapeutic and there's no better way than through this social media platform. With clearly defined guidelines, Pinterest relies on content moderation so negativity won't take over their user base which seems like an approach that sits well with audiences since 80% of the users feel positive while using it. This fosters opportunities for musicians who can tap into these feelings by utilizing Pinterest as promotional tools because many music consumers look towards positivity in pop culture such as musically-inspired graphics or quotes from successful artists.

How to Setup a Pinterest Business Account

When you sign up for a business account on Pinterest, it's important to take advantage of all the features available. Your free business profile will grant access not only to music-related opportunities but also to advertising and analytics so that advertisers can get information about their campaigns in real-time. This is a great way to sell your merch via running ads and understand your audience better via analytics tools provided by the platform.

How Can Pinterest Help You Market Your Music?

Now it's time to start brainstorming ideas for what you want your pins and boards to look like. There are many ways of using Pinterest, but we've listed some tips on how best to utilize this platform.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

Pinterest is an incredible marketing tool for musicians. If you're working on getting new eyes to witness your talent, then it's time that we talk. A social media strategy should be a part of this process as well with the general aim being awareness and reaching out. This helps drive traffic towards your brand as a musician which will help sell merch and tickets.

Having said that, as a musician you must define your career goals and create content dictated by that. Try being specific about the relevance or practicality of your aims. Make sure that they are attainable so you can see progress over time in reaching these milestones. We encourage you to fix a date till you expect these goals to be achieved. This way you’ll be more focused.

Use High-Quality Content for your Pins

To get started with Pinterest, first, you need to create boards - 10 is the minimum required for your profile and these should have keyword-focused descriptions so they can help rank on search engines like Google or Bing.

Boards can be focused on content related to music, such as concerts and merch. They might also center around topics like videos of your favorite artists performing live in concert, or you backstage. Boards may contain inspirational quotes from well-known figures within the industry who have been successful. This will help the fans of those artists draw towards you and hopefully turn into loyal fans.

You can use the power of Pinterest to make your business take off. Out of millions of monthly active users, the majority consume Pinterest on their mobile devices. That’s why it is better to make vertical posts. Images are not the only popular format. In recent times videos have garnered more than a billion views on Pinterest. Try to experiment with different media.

Share Your Pins on your Social Media Handles

You can use the power of Pinterest to drive traffic and build your online presence. If you have an image or video that links back, people will always know where they should go next.

SEO Optimized Pins

The power of Pinterest lies in its ability to use search engines and keywords when you pin something, boards, or hashtags. Pinning specific keywords to your music-related content can help you reach and engage with the people who are looking for that type of information.

Keep Track of your Performance

To be more successful with Pinterest marketing, you need to know how well your posts are performing and what people think about them. That's where performance tracking or analytics come in.

Pinterest Analytics lets you measure the impact of your pins on conversions with conversion insights. It provides metrics such as impressions, engagements, and outbound clicks to help analyze how well-crafted or relevant each one is for audiences within certain demographics.

The tool will also provide information about what type/style of content performs best in terms of lodged devices used by people visiting social media sites like smartphones vs desktops; this way we can make sure your efforts match up accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Consider the power of Pinterest. With its visual features, this social media platform can be an excellent outlet for musicians seeking creative ways to promote their music and other products or services they offer and be fun in general.

The power of the platform lies in its ability to be used as a supplement for other social media outlets. We would advise against connecting your Pinterest account solely with one specific source, but rather connect it through various platforms so you are able to take full advantage of its potential.


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